The Parenting Game

I am no parenting expert, I am a mum of 2 children- 2 years old and 4 years old, I have 10 years childcare experience and currently studying (its taking awhile) my Bachelor of Education but no expert.  I have a very supportive husband who trusts me and my theories on parenting so we work together (although I am sure sometimes he thinks I am a control freak).  Although we have only been parenting for 4 years I feel through my knowledge, background experience, genuine mother instincts (I have always been extremely maternal) and a strong male role model by my side (husband <3 him) we have 2 well adjusted, well mannered, well behaved and social children.  I know its weird to hear a parent “brag” about their children but this blog is honest and yes there are days when it feels like I have said no all-day-long but when I reflect its normally my mood or them being tired or me saying no to things that really didn’t need it.  Thats not saying our children are angels well maybe they are but I often reflect on my days and give myself a little pat on the back and then realise I am feeling guilty for it.  In the last few weeks I have come to accept that I am good at something, not an expert, not a perfect parent but I am good at being a mother.  For some reason it just clicks with me and thats not a bad thing.  We are good parents, I probably take control way too much poor husband but we should be proud and not guilty for feeling this.  Our kids have had tantrums and they have resisted our request to do something but thats about the extent of our “issues”.

I read this great article from The Attached Family (I am a strong lover of the Attachment Parenting style) “The Tree Daddy” its about a parenting metaphor and it is so true and so refreshing to read.  It just makes sense. There are so many other great resources on this site for anyone and you take what you want and leave the rest.  I threw (well sold) all of my ‘how to’ baby books when our daughter was 6 months old, I realised I knew more than half of these experts and thats not being cocky, I did purely because I had a child and 90% of these books were written by people with no children!  I went into auto-mother-instinct-pilot mode, I trusted what I felt was right, i discussed with my husband what I felt I knew and I started listening to our baby.  The only book I read was Dr Sears “The Attached Parent” and again I only took in what felt right for our baby.  I also stopped feeling odd about things or ways I did things with our daughter because they didn’t ‘fit’ the modern society norms- you know co sleeping, responding to cries asap, wearing our baby, breastfeeding to sleep, those sort of ‘crazy’ things.  Have I painted a picture of a household where the children rule?  Thats not the case here (husband often refers to me as Military Mum). We don’t smack, ridicule or disrespect our children, how do they learn respect if we don’t respect them? We say no, we give them ‘thinking time’ and we have rules and boundaries.  I think there can be a happy combination of discipline and attachment parenting as long as its positive. Consistency is the MAJOR key.

Anyway I have gone off track a little, my thinking lately has been would anyone be interested in hearing my ‘How To’ on some aspects on parenting?  Again I don’t claim to be an expert and they may or may not work for you but if it helps some families then I would be happy.  Toilet training, meal times, manners, resolving conflicts, playtime, etc.  If it interests anyone please leave me a comment and I will start on it.  I am all for helping and if I can guide anyone then thats a bonus.


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